We are remote first and diverse always, since day one.

Driven by Purpose

We are a Female, LGBTQ, and Minority led virtual-first, embracing technologists from diverse lifestyles and experiences. Our mission is to empower individuals to take ownership of their remote career journeys within a safe, merit-based, and transparent environment where everyone is valued equally.

Meet our founders


EQUALS TRUE started when our founders decided to create real change in the technology industry workforce. So they created the first-in-industry authentic DEI talent partner to help organizations build inclusive empowering cultures, and scale globally in a socially impactful sustainable way with the best talent anywhere.

Our Values


Mexico City

Opportunities without borders: accessible from anywhere,
for everyone.

We are a rapidly growing company with our HQ in the vibrant hub of Mexico City. And as a global company that fully embraces the remote work life. We can provide engaging opportunities to technologist, and capable talent to growing organizations, everywhere.


EQUALS TRUE is made up of people from all walks of life, with different skills and experiences. They are all passionate about creating a better future for everyone, and they are committed to working together to make that happen.

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How can I join your team?
Ready to join our team? Awesome! Head over to our "Careers" section on our website, find the open position that matches your skill set, and send in your application. Once you've done that, our Talent Team will carefully review your submission and reach out to let you know about the next steps.
What industries or sectors does EQUALS TRUE serve?
We support the Product, Design and Software Development teams of companies in all industries.
What sets EQUALS TRUE apart from other talent partners?
We take pride in being the first socially responsible global talent solution that leverages a remote-first work culture to build the most capable diverse teams anywhere. Through our strong focus on inclusion, sustainability, and professional development we are unmatched in our ability to bring our clients the best global talent to accelerate their projects.
What regions does EQUALS TRUE operate in?
We operate worldwide with a strong focus in LATAM.
How does EQUALS TRUE prioritize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)?
We create workplaces where everyone feels welcome and valued, no matter who they are. Our goal is to provide equal opportunites and pay for everyone, regardless of their background. From finding the right people to bringing them onto the team, we're making sure that everyone's differences are respected. By doing this, we're not only making the workplace better; we're also encouraging new ideas, creativity, and teamwork.