How we add value

We ship code, collaboration & inclusivity to anywhere from everywhere with sustainable diverse teams to accelerate your design or software development.


We build powerful diverse remote teams that help our clients create world-class products and services.

Team / Project Acceleration


Sustainable, remote, diverse, inclusive, and empowered teams of exceptional collaborative people.


Domestic and global contingency & retained direct hire search

Global reach for critical roles sourced and hired in an inclusive unbiased way.


Vetted, performance managed, and sustained top remote freelance talent contributors.

Project professionals that can engage for as little as 4 weeks and as long as 1 year.

How we build inclusive teams


is optimized for diversity, inclusion, equality, speed, candidate experience and market reach. With our approach to hiring we can effectively compete on your behalf for top-tier talent anywhere.
EQUALS TRUE is uniquely authentically technical, diversity driven, and proven successful in global talent markets at achieving organic, scalable and sustainable results.

The FIT5© Method

Developed by one of our founders, FIT5© gives our recruiters an inclusive low/no bias methodology to assess candidates on the key performance markers that will predict long-term success and team collaboration. Our FIT5© method has been proven as a reliable predictor of performance for almost a decade and with thousands of hires.

The S.T.A.A.R.© Method for Effective Remote Work Team Collaboration

Collaborating within remote work teams presents unique challenges, such as language barriers, different time zones, and limited face-to-face interaction. However, organizations can successfully navigate these hurdles by implementing a methodology that places emphasis on team Standards, Thoughtfulness, Agility, Autonomy, and being Reachable. By incorporating these principles, organizations can not only overcome challenges but also foster the development of resilient and productive virtual teams.

Let’s work together.

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How do you ensure data security and confidentiality?
When we hire talent to collaborate with your team, all of their work is conducted within the client's "walled garden" of development. Additionally, individuals are mandated to install any security-related software that the client deems necessary on their machines. Lastly, we conduct background checks, reference verifications, and require our team members to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for each client.
Can you scale resources as needed?
Absolutely. At EQUALS TRUE we run several proprietary talent acquisition processes that allow us to quickly identify, attract, assess, hire, and onboard top global talent at scale.
How do you handle the differences in time zones between team members?
All of our TRUE Members are aligned to the CST timezone in the USA. Unless otherwise requested by the client.
How do you handle employee turnover?
At EQUALS TRUE, our unwavering commitment revolves around our people, ensuring they experience appreciation, challenges, a voice, engagement, and continuous professional growth. This intense dedication to the well-being of our teams has resulted in an impressively low annual client churn rate of less than 2%.
Where are your talent resources located?
Our TRUE Members are located around the world. Presently we have a presence in over 15 different countries.