Elevate Your Remote Career Journey: Explore the World through SOYNÓMADA

At EQUALS TRUE, we understand the allure of remote work. It offers flexibility, autonomy, and the potential for adventure without sacrificing your career path. But what if you could truly experience the world on behalf of your company? All the while staying connected and contributing to your team from abroad. What if?

This question was at the heart of SOYNÓMADA, the EQUALS TRUE travel reward initiative. The program was designed to inspire and empower our most impactful and exceptional team members to have a transformative digital nomad adventure to one of ten splendid cities around the globe. SOYNÓMADA isn’t just a workcation. It’s an opportunity to finally experience the digital nomad lifestyle in an authenti0c way in places like Buenos Aires, San José, Los Cabos, Barcelona, Marrakech, Lisbon, Rome, Brussels, Paris, or Vancouver.

At EQUALS TRUE, we believe that securing your dream job with us marks only the first step in your journey. Because we are dedicated to empowering individuals to thrive and excel in their careers, we are obsessed with creating innovative ways to express these values. This commitment is reflected in our range of wellness,  training, and education benefits that are all crafted to help you work and live at your full potential. Which in turn aids the achievement of your professional and lifestyle aspirations.

For us, SOYNÓMADA isn’t merely a way to reward excellence; it’s a demonstration of our dedication to nurturing a culture of inclusion, collaboration, and belonging for professionals from all walks of life. It’s been crafted to provide a truly uncommon work life experience in a truly nomadic way that promotes understanding of other cultures. 

If you’re still asking yourself what exactly a SOYNÓMADA winner would gain in their personal and professional life, allow Julio to explain. As one of our 2023 winners, he chose Barcelona, the dynamic Spanish city, to explore his nomad lifestyle. And what drew Julio to the bustling streets of Barcelona? “I wanted a vibrant city,” he explains. “A place brimming with diversity, from the people to the architecture and food.” And Barcelona delivered. “The architecture is both fascinating and modern,” he says, his voice reflecting the city’s captivating blend of old and new.


Julio’s trip was not just about traveling but also about growing his humanity and understanding of the world. When traveling to countries you have never visited, you’re diving headfirst into new environments and communities. The experience opens up your eyes to different perspectives and helps you connect with people in a way that is new and exciting. “It’s amazing how this kind of adventure can shape your empathy and understanding of the world around you.”

The next SOYNÓMADA winner will be announced soon, and we’re thrilled to know which destination or prize they will be choosing. If it was you, what would be your first choice? 

Being a SOYNÓMADA winner is not that far from you. At EQUALS TRUE, we’re always seeking talented, technology professionals like you who aspire to join our diverse global community. So, apply for any open position and seize the opportunity to work from anywhere alongside incredible individuals on projects that will propel your career forward!

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