Remote recruiting 101: Create the culture first

The organization culture is too often an elusive thing in some companies that only appears when the CEO is present. This is an issue of utmost importance in the modern working world. Culture should be at the forefront of every business plan, yet, it’s a mystery that only some companies have been able to achieve it.

In an article published by the digital magazine Verna Magazine, Jason Elkin co-founder and Chief Talent Officer of EQUALS TRUE mentions how the post pandemic world has forced companies to adapt or discard the old norms of office work to make way for new solutions. Not only that, but the concept itself of a job is changing as well, he mentions: “Today, the digital workforce views a job choice as a lifestyle choice. If a job/career/gig can be done remotely, then it will continue to be a favorable lifestyle choice. The work life experience that a company offers is just as necessary as the role, pay, benefits, and perks offered. Right now, I’m teaching all of my recruiters to understand that a new job is not just a new career option, it’s an entirely different decision,” 

One of the great challenges of remote work is the loss of traditional office dynamics. Without the common space where teams had congregated and collaborated, fostering a global culture became an seemingly overwhelming task that threatened (for some orgs) to upend company dynamics. We’ve seen companies from Wall Street to Silicon Valley struggle with this. But is this really a bad thing?

Even if your organization plans to stay 100% remote, culture is a daily effort that involves listening to your people and responding to their needs and insights. Making a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture has been the first priority of EQUALS TRUE, and a fundamental tenant since it was launched. Creating a place where the people who are working in your organization feel aligned with the culture, will always make for more engaged and happier teams. A great company/group/team culture is not something that happens by accident. Neither is it an occasional all-hands or holiday event.

Each generation has made different demands on work practices and this is how work life has evolved over time. The new generations and the pandemic crisis have evolved the concepts of “team” and “collaboration”. The old way of doing things is out forever. The challenge for leaders now is how to establish a powerful culture where physically separated individuals can share an united purpose throughout the organization. How to engage each individual and scale that engagement on a global level. That is the new obsession for progressive leadership.

So consider this; If the employer brand is the promise made to the talent customer then the only way to deliver on that promise is through culture. Don’t let there be daylight between what you promise and what you deliver. Now is the time to differentiate your company from competitors who are desperately clinging to the old way of doing things. And in doing so seize the high ground in the war for exceptional talent in your space.

There is no wise old person on the mountain to consult now on culture. The new book on “How things get done” is being written each day. So listen to your people. They will light the way for your organization into 2022 and beyond.

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