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A fact that remains unchanged in the virtual age is that a business’s most crucial asset is its people. Companies have a critical need to make strategic investments in diversifying remote human capital. The correlation between team diversity and business success is significant. Fortunately, EqualsTrue is in the business of empowering enterprises to acquire, nurture, and retain diverse talent in remote work environments. Our proprietary A.I.-driven process makes us the remote-talent company par excellence. We have been able to help many startups hire, pay, retain and scale their virtual teams with speed and cost-efficiency.

We leverage technology to identify the best hires and whether they are a match for our clients. We use behavioral assessments and skills tests to evaluate current and potential success based on job specifications, work culture, and long-term growth opportunities.

By designing and developing healthy, inclusive, and balanced teams, we help businesses like yours boost remote work collaborations and treat their people inclusively and equitably to make them feel appreciated and respected. 51% of HR bosses believe that the labor market game has changed. Talent pools have shrunk, and demand outdoes supply. Throw in the difficulties of acquiring and retaining talent in the virtual environment, and you land in a productivity cul-de-sac. Hiring and recruiting diverse talent is presently a time-intensive and money-draining operation. That’s where we come in. Our bread and butter are helping clients bend the time-and-cost-to-hire curve using DEI-focused talent acquisition.

EqualsTrue is a virtual-first startup that seeks to support technologists from all backgrounds, cultures, theologies, and lifestyles to grow their businesses and take charge of their careers. Powerful ideas, efficient technology, and dedicated people are the stuff of business success. Customers are keenly interested in company culture, and investors sniff through human resources data to gauge diversity, inclusivity, and employee engagement.

We provide expert consulting services for clients focused on fueling performance, improving work culture, and enhancing the business image. Our approach identifies and highlights areas where companies can improve and benefit from bolder action and develop + promote long-term inclusive behavior and foster a diverse culture.

As a Female, LGBTQ, and Minority led virtual-first startup, our experience and tested approach reiterates the importance of diversity in talent leadership. Now, more than ever, companies with greater diversity are likely to outperform their less diverse competitors in profitability. We would be pleased to provide you with hands-on assistance to achieve well-rounded diversity at your company to improve performance, image, and success. Morbid turnover statistics have been doing the rounds for many years and the virtual age hasn’t been a magic bullet that is lowering attrition. It only slightly lessened it. Brands must go beyond hackneyed solutions in talent acquisition and management to root out the problem. At =TRUE, our findings show that the greater the gender, culture, and religious diversity, the lower the attrition rate.

Diversity avails better avenues for employees to evolve within an organization and can slash attrition rate and improve productivity by 23%. We assist companies with diversifying their teams and cultivating inclusive work environments to realize increased benefits in talent retention.

It has never been so difficult for leaders. Businesses are increasingly expected to support broader goals, like social justice and sustainability. Shareholders are calling for bolder strategies, agility, foresight, and resilience. We believe that creating enormous social value for companies hinges on one core element: job satisfaction. Increasing happiness at work is the first step in building a socially responsible company from the inside out.

The most highly influential player when it comes to employee happiness is leadership. Employees perceive managers as the biggest factor in their job satisfaction and well-being. Maybe you’ve even heard the saying, “people don’t leave bad jobs – they leave bad managers.” But building a team of compassionate servant leaders is no easy task.

EqualsTrue provides workforce consulting services to help leaders support and nurture employees and boost job satisfaction through bottom-up empowerment. By embracing servant leadership, we help our business leaders drive performance by serving a larger good. Outcomes include thriving innovation, flourishing remote teams, and more profitability.

Workplace bias – unconscious and intentional – obstructs the hiring, promotion, and development of women, minorities, and other underrepresented groups. In recent years, companies have taken huge strides toward hiring a more diverse workforce under the microscope of customers, investors, policymakers, and the public. However, for the virtual workplace, much more needs to be done.

We find particularly big gaps regarding equality and fairness of internal opportunities. As we move into the digital era, the work environment’s openness has also become a significant concern. Even traditionally diverse businesses face significant problems in creating remote work environments characterized by equal and fair opportunities, transparency, and freedom from discrimination. Bias and discrimination can become invisible when businesses aren’t physically faced with the lack of diversity among employees and leadership.

EqualsTrue offers diverse and inclusive remote staffing services. Our experience shows that setting data-driven targets for each aspect of diversity and inclusivity accelerates the realization of diverse representation across junior, middle, management, and executive teams.

We believe that Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion cannot thrive in the workplace until all individuals feel safe, valued, and respected. The only way to accomplish this is by prioritizing DEI in the business plan. Which is exactly what we do each day.EqualsTrue can help you remain competitive despite unique challenges in an increasingly difficult labor market. We understand the many pressures you face in your remote business operations. We design tailored approaches to help you meet your specific needs through diverse staffing, direct hire, and remote talent management consulting services. We have proven our ability to support clients’ needs across a wide range of verticals.

When you choose us, you can expect proactive solutions, seamless communication, and a partner whose single focus is your success. Whatever your goals or challenges, trust us to deliver and help you achieve with confidence.

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